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Clinical Research Courses & Certificates

On successful completion of this course, you will be certified and will have acquired knowledge, skills and competencies to start at an entry level role as Clinical Research Associate, In-House Clinical Research Associate or similar.
Grow your career in Clinical Project Management with our Academy! Build your new skills around Project Management , Stakeholder Management, Risk Management, Budgeting and many other job-relevant skills, to step our of your current role and become a Clinical Project Manager.
The role of a clinical study coordinator is critical to the success of any medical research study or clinical trial. On successful completion of this program, you will be certified and will have acquired knowledge, skills and competencies to start at an entry level role as Clinical Study Coordinator or similar.
Start as a specialist in study start up and build your competencies in core submission documents, country level documents for submission, VHP process and timeliness, EudraCT, IP release document requirements,…
Start your clinical research career and unterstand the role and responsibilities of a Trial Master File Specialist during Clinical Trials. Take on roles responsible for managing the Trial Master File, which is the collection of all essential documents related to a clinical trial.
Master the world of clinical data with your new skills on Data as a Science, research and experiments with data, probability, randomness and the risk of de-anonymization, sampling, data distribution, and secure data custody,…

A few Stats on our Graduates

VIARES is your solid step stone to a career in clinical research. We make recent life-science graduates, and those looking to upgrade their employment, job ready.

have a
life-science degree
60 %
have work experience
outside clinical research
60 %
start with little know-how on clinical research
75 %
graduates got a
new job within 6 months
80 %
999 +


Clinical research is how new medical treatments are discovered. Different jobs are needed to conduct trials, including those who monitor progress and others who help clean, report, and analyze data. There are more job openings than talents available, making clinical research a great career opportunity also for you. Most jobs only require bachelor-level degrees or patient-facing work experience. The challenge is getting your first job in the industry. This is where VIARES supports you as we did with hundreds of previous graduates.

Clinical Research Training Courses

We offer industry leading training courses to make you the best candidate for your dream job!

Industry recognized Certificates

Upon completion of your course you will get an industry certificate. 98% got certified by VIARES.

Application coaching

Boost your Job Search and become the strongest candidate and find your Clinical Research Dream Job

Global Jobs

Access hundreds of daily updated clinical research job offers. Your dream job at your fingertips.

Meet our Graduates - TALENTS LIKE YOU

VIARES already supported 9,000+ talents from 120+ countries on all continents. Here is a Snapshot of Graduate Experience and how they benefited from our Clinical Research Training Courses and Job Support.

Find The Right Course For Your Career

Explore our courses and find the skills for your interests.

VIARES is your place to start and grow your career in clinical research. We provide industry relevant online competency training courses, support you with applying for jobs and get you access to our jobs-list today.

You can get trained for key jobs in clinical research, improve your application documents and approach with our experts and search from our curated job-list today.

Our training courses are built to support new talents for the industry and those who already know a bit about clinical research. Our students work in jobs like:

  • academic researcher
  • chemical engineer
  • clinical data coordinator
  • dentist
  • formulation analyst
  • health care specialist
  • lab assistant
  • med technician
  • medical assistant
  • medical receptionist
  • nurse
  • ophthalmologist
  • pharmacist
  • pharmacy technician
  • physician
  • physiologist
  • postdoc
  • quality assurance specialist
  • radiographer
  • regulatory compliance analyst
  • site study coordinator
  • veterinary
  • and many more…

VIARES is a global online platform and we have students from all continents. You can learn from any location. 

Our trainings are recognized by the global CRO industry.

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