Application Coaching
1 Session

Career Coaching: optimize your resume, improve your LinkedIn profile, prepare for an interview and more – 1 session 30 minutes with our talent specialist included


We support your application process

Unlike other pure training companies, VIARES is a Clinical Research Talent Organization. For you this means, we not only provide you with industry relevant top role training, but we also support you in applying for jobs. We help you improve your employability in the fast growing clinical research industry.

1 Career Coaching Session

Every situation is individual and needs an expert to review it with you and find the most efficient action to take and help you in your application process. Our industry recruitment expert covers the following services for you. Book an appointment and review your personal situation to define which service will provide you the best outcome to get your dream job.

  • general orientation on your clinical research career path
  • optimize your resume for clinical research jobs from a recruiter perspective
  • improve your LinkedIn profile to clearly message your strength to a recruiter
  • preparing for an interview and understand how to quickly get your key messages across to a recruiter and a hiring manager
  • practice for an important interview and get expert tips how to succeed in an online interview
  • post-interview review and prepare for the next step in the recruitment process

You will find you personal best solution with the support of our industry expert.



The clinical research industry is growing every year by 6-8%. We have summarized 5,174 key job openings available on the internet. Our list is updated and curated for you daily, adding hundreds of new jobs.

5 Steps to Get Your Dream Job in Clinical Research

Discover the 5 Steps to Get Your Dream Job in Clinical Research and start today with the 1st step, and our tips and tricks. We will give you a clear guide with clear steps to follow, almost like a Standard Operating Procedure. All you need to do is to “tick the boxes” and get there.

Don’t forget: a dream with a date becomes an objective, and an objective broken down into steps becomes a plan. Finally, a plan backed by action makes your dreams come true!

Let’s get started… 5 STEPS TO YOUR DREAM JOB

5 Modules – 16 real life tasks – 2 video session – final CV

Complete the 5 steps below and build out your application process.

  • Setting clear goals and expectations is the crucial first step when it comes to your job search.
  • Understand WHAT are the required skills of your dream job and how to acquire them 
  • you will address THE most important piece to get your dream job
  • As often, it’s more about preparation and practice than any other “miracle tip”. There is no secret – however, there is a good way to prepare correctly for any interview (a method), and this method works well.
  • Negotiate and Get What You Truly Deserve.

Hear from our graduates



The VIARES Academy is a great resource for learning in detail about the field of clinical research. It provides you with knowledge on multiple topics such as data management, key roles in clinical research, the drug development process, and important


documentation. After my completion of the program at VIARES, I am more confident in my knowledge. I highly recommend VIARES Academy to anyone interested in clinical research.




As someone who has no monitoring experience, the CRA Academy made it easy for me to understand how the Clinical Research field works. The instructors are easy to understand and they accommodate all queries that we have.

Customer Reviews

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Karin Snyman
Contents of course


Satisfaction about VIARES training

I'm very satisfied with VIARES courses which are well design, concise, accurate and understandable.
The field of Clinical Research is very fortunate to have VIARES Academy to offer these high quality courses. Many thanks to all instructors and founders of VIARES!

Zainab Apooyin

The course was very informative, elaborate, practical and just what I needed to leverage my background in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences and increase my competencies as a research professional. I highly recommend the CRA Course and all VIARES ACADEMY courses to any and everyone.

Olena Volkova

5 Steps Guide to Get Your Clinical Research Dream Job

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Application Coaching
1 Session
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