World Poetry Day 2023

A Poemical

In recognition of the World Poetry Day 2023

In the realm of science and medicine,

Clinical research is a vital linchpin.

From the days of ancient Greece,

Doctors sought knowledge to increase.


Through trials and errors, they learned,

To study the human body, they yearned.

They tested new treatments and drugs,

And noted what helped and what was a bug.


As time passed, ethics came to play,

Informed consent, protection in every way.

Now, researchers must follow strict guidelines,

To ensure the safety of human lives.


Looking forward, new technology,

Brings promises of greater efficacy.

Gene editing, artificial intelligence,

Opens up new possibilities with elegance.


Clinical research is the backbone,

Of modern medicine, no longer unknown.

As we look ahead to what’s in store,

We trust in science to heal, and so much more.

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